Kali linux first run

What to do right after Kali Linux installation ? Ok, let’s discuss this.

Standard Kali credentials for first login are:

User: root

Password: toor

On the next step, after you logged into the system you will need to update your repositories and software.

$ apt-get update

$ apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get upgrade

Than you will need to change your root password with command


And enter new one.

Disable the screen lock feature

If you going to use Metasploit, than you will need to start PostgreSQL, update Metasploit and do first run for cache rebuilding

$ service postgresql start
$ msfdb init
$ msfupdate
$ msfconsole
$ db_rebuild_cache

By default SSH in Kali is turned down, so you also will need to put it on

$ service ssh start

On your choice you may want to install OpenVAS or Nessu (home edition). As for our thoughts, Nessus works more effective and better detection rate and much faster. Also it requires less knowledge’s and experience during configuration.

Don’t forget to regularly clean your system from old or outdated packages

$ apt-get autoremove
$ apt-get autoclean
$ apt-get clean


  1. Thanks for information about Kali, it’s not hard to find, but not so many useful articles available 🙂

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