Ethical Hacking Online Course Module 3 (SCANNING , TCP, ICMP /UDP, NMAP , NESSUS , MITIGATION )

If you interested in penetration testing and want to know how properly execute scans with such tools like nmap, nessus and some others, get better understanding of how TCP/IP and UDP works and what differences they have – than you must watch this video.

It will help you better understand how everything works and for example for keys and options has the nmap, how to properly install and run nessus and configure scans so you can detect most vulnerabilities, what issues you can meet during the process of penetration testing and using all this tools.

This video is part of the official online training course from EC Council, called “Certified Ethical Hacker” which most specialists from all over the world prefer to pass to obtain the certificate and gain such way additional knowledge’s, be more professional and valuable on the market.


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