About certification

The course will help to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully identify and resolve security issues in mixed computer networks. The course is dedicated to a unique hacking techniques and methods of hacking in the context of the application of defensive practices and recommendations set out by real hackers. The course is approved by the Ministry of Defense of the United States and is the official Bible for security officers.

The course presents detailed materials on the work of computer systems and networks. Typical vulnerabilities of network protocols, operating systems and applications. Describes the sequence of various types of attacks on computer systems and networks, and proposed recommendations for strengthening the security of computer systems and networks.

After the training, all participants of the training will be prepared for certification.

After a successful exam candidates receive the status of an ethical hacker. The exam consists of 125 test questions and lasts 4:00.

How to register for Certified Ethical Hacker course

Why pen testers required to have CEH

  • CEH┬áis consistently described as one of the top 5 certificates on┬áInformation Security
  • For passing CEH gives you CPE points for CISSP (every hour of study = 1 score the Maximum points 30.)
  • Exam is hilarious. Tedious questions not so much, but a lot of technical and practical
  • Pass the CEH is the only way to call yourself hacker officially

Example of certificate



    • Hello Shreash,
      To apply exams you need to order voucher at EC-Council portal store: store.eccouncil.org/product/ceh-ecc-exam-center-voucher/
      Than you need to prepare for exam using online corses (they are included in the price of voucher). Access to labs will be provided to you for 6 months. When you will be ready, just schedule online proctored exam and pass it.

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