How to prepare for CEH exam

How to prepare for Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam: Ultimate Guide

The main question always appears during preparation for Certified Ethical Hacker exam is “How to prepare for it correctly and where can I find all related information or questions from exam?” so we published this ultimate guide.

So let’s try to gather all this information at one place and describe useful literature, online services and questionaires.

List of online services which may help you in CEH exam preparaion:

  • Skillset – very useful and easy to use service. It contains nearly all the questions from the real exam, has effective training system which consists of many groups of questions. The main feature at Skillset – exam pass guarantee. It means that if you for some reason will not pass the exam, Skillset will compensate you money for another try. To get such guarantee you will need to pass all Skillset preparation tests and get 100% readiness level.

Skillset exam pass guarantee

  • Another useful service comes directly from EC-Council: “CEH Assessment” online test. It contains of 50 questions, some of them may appear on exam. Questionaire includes both pactical and theorycrafting questions. They don’t guarantee any results as Skillset, but will be useful to do as well.

If you think that above online training platforms are not enough for you, than we moves on next step: “Books which helps to preare for CEH exam”.

List of literature you can read to prepare for exam:

  • CEH Certified Ethical Hacker All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition
  • Certified Ethical Hacker: Study Guide by Kimberly Graves
  • CEH Practice Exams, Second Edition

In books you can find all required information to pass the exam like methodologies, steps, how to use some specific tools, examples and many more. Except practicing stuff you will find also lots of information regarding standards, howto’s and best practicies.

All books are available on Amazon and Ebay or you can try to google and find people who previously passed exam and kindly ask them to provide you with some kind of information or even books.

Training with videos and labs:

When you buys CEH voucher it also includes access to online courses and labs. So before try all other variants of training or preparation, first try materials provided you from EC-Council.

For videos you will spend at least one week for basic understanding of the material and theory. After you have done watching the video you can move to the next step and try your skills in iLabs provided by LearnOnDemand service.

Labs consits of many themes guiding you step-by-step from the beginning to how become a successful white hat hacker. They contains from tasks previously described in the videos so it helps a lot if you doing iLab course after you have watched all the videos. You must be very attentive because everything you watched and did in labs will be on exam.

Better if you going to reserve one month to prepare for CEH exam.

Last thing which may help during exam preparation: Dumps and quastionaires

CEH exam dumps mostly includes 500+ questions, as of publicly available information they says that on exam you will have 125 questions. Possibly they mixing questions from time to time from the whole pool of 500+ which consists of questions from previous exam versions. It will be really hard to learn all the questions from full dump.

Also better to know how things works and dumps will not give you such knowledges, they will just give you a chance to bypass exam successfully and that’s it. But anyway it trust forums sometimes such methodology helps as well.

One of the most popular free resources where you can find dumps or questions is GratisExam. On gratisexam you will find many versions of CEH dumps and questions.

Some of them may not be actual or may contain errors in answers, better don’t rely on them and re-check all the information. Best practice in such case will be to extract all questions and manually answer on them.

During such training you will better learn all the questions and answers but it will take you much time as well, at least 3 weeks.

Some other dumps and training tools you can find on Ebay, for example TestPrep 312-50 Certified Ethical Hacker. They as well may contain some false answers but mostly they have actual questions. Using the same methodology as for gratisexam will help in this situtation as well.

And please don’t forget that one of main requirements to attend the CEH exam is your professional experience in the field of information security or penetration testing.

EC-Council executes some kind of background check. You must be prepared showing them your working experience, articles, profiles on specific platforms (including linkedin).

What to do if you didn’t pass an exam

If you didn’t pass exam first time, you may try retake it as soon as you will be ready and it will cost you nearly the same amount as voucher (a bit lower price).

Second retake will require to wait for 2 weeks, another try – 1 month and so on. Remeber that every try will cost you money and time so better spend more time for first exam preparation and pass it.

Where find certificate if exam passed

If you successfully passed the exam it will be shown in the end of the session with status “Passed”.

Your certificate will appear in your private area at EC-Council Aspen portal. Paper certificate will arrive in a month or two. Also EC-Council will provide you with digital copy of the certificate and all materials realted to CEH.


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