There are lots of available online services to check overall security of your website, but most useful I think will be Qualys Free Scan for SSL with ssllabs online test service.

They only thing you need to launch check of your website – just input on the home page of the service your domain, set checkbox if you want to hide your website from the public list and that’s it!

It will take not much time, something like 1-5 minutes for Qualys free scanner to execute nearly all available tests for headers and SSL configuration of your web server.


After all tests done by system you will get the final results sheet (also it will be cached) and it will show you current state of your web server configuration, where you have made mistakes and what you can easily fix on your own (it will link you some recommendations as well).

So all you need just start the free scan with qualys ssl test lab, wait a bit and get the results, than fix them to get level A or A+. Such actions also will help you improve not only security settings of your website but also get better positions in search engines as they prefer to work with proper configured HTTPS websites.

ssl test results

We at Scan For Security have used qualys scanner as well to make web server security improvements and provide additional layer of security for our readers with free online scanner from Qualys.