Effective Network Scanning Tools

Effective Network Scanning Tools

What is network security First of all, let's try to understand what is network security and on the next step we going to list and...
Building recon tool

Automated recon tool with PHP, cURL, wafw00f, WhatWeb, Whois

Recon (Reconnaissance) - The act of gathering important information on a target system. This information can be used to better attack the target. For example, open source search engines...
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is the process of defining and identification, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in networks and computer systems, applications and databases and providing the organization doing the...

Quick Vulnerability Assessment of Web Application & Server

Today we going to emulate quick and simple vulnerability assessment of our web application with help of some open source security tools. List of tools we going to use...
What is penetration testing

What is penetration testing

Many companies without own security department or competencies ask what penetration testing is and why it is needed. First of all, I propose to sort out the question -...
Masscan php mysql

Masscan: How to import results into MySQL with PHP

Many of you heard of such tool like masscan which doing network scanning really fast and can even scan the whole internet for a short period of time.
Online security testing services

Useful online services for penetration testers

Hey, did you know that to execute security checks on your server and web application you don't need any kind of tools to be installed locally ?
Outdated android vulnerabilities

The most dangerous Android vulnerabilities for outdated versions

As you know, operating systems are developed by people. Some people, however, are confident that Android created reptilians, but this is not true: many errors were found in the...
Scanning with nmap

How to grab banners with nmap and scan for vulnerabilites

Nmap is very popular tool for security engineers. Nmap scan mostly used for ports scanning, OS detection, detection of used software version and in some other cases for example like vulnerability...

Logging as a way to debug a code

Why isĀ it importantĀ to forbid self-debugging by hand? When you debug a program, you yourself, without realizing it, think that for one debugging session, fix all the problems that have arisen in the...

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