Python online courses

Python is one of the most popular general-purpose high-level programming languages. Due to its fairly simple syntax, flexibility, and scalability, as well as an active global community, it is of great interest to novice coders. A rich set of tools and libraries cover a wide range of tasks from web development and data analysis to AI and scientific computing.

This makes Python one of the most sought-after languages among employers and is used by almost all the leading IT companies in the world.


  • For beginners
  • A great introduction to the language
  • Very informative

There are several Python courses for beginners at Skillshare, but the most comprehensive one is Programming in Python for Beginners. It is designed for those who are still a complete zero in programming. A tutor will help you set up a Python development environment on Windows, and then tell you about the basic language constructs and when to use them.

The course includes over 70 lessons, which will take 11 hours in total. They cover arithmetic, logical and comparison operators, as well as the use of lists, collections, tuples, dictionaries, there is useful material on functions – it analyzes common mistakes and how to avoid them.

There are more advanced topics like evaluating code performance. Every few lessons, exercises are given to consolidating theoretical knowledge in practice. The tutor actively communicates with the students, answers questions, and gives feedback on assignments. Start at SkillShare


  • For continuing
  • Suitable for programmers
  • More than 250 videos
  • Application development

Udemy also offers a large selection of very smart courses. For those who already speak the language a little, The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications is perfect.

This is a course on developing 10 mobile, desktop, and web applications in Python that are really applicable in practice – from applications for recognizing moving objects through a webcam and working with databases to a dashboard for data visualization.

The course contains 33 sections, which include more than 250 videos. The first 8 sections are devoted to the basics of Python, 4 more – more advanced topics, and then the material begins directly on creating 10 applications.

Before some of them, one or two sections are set aside for consideration of the important components of the subsequent appendix. Exercises and small tests are attached to the video lessons, you can also ask the lecturer questions. The Visual Studio Code editor is used.

On Udemy, you can pay for a course once and get lifetime access to it. The authors are constantly updating the content, so when buying a subscription, all updates will be available to the user for free.

Udemy has a great player: you can not only change the speed of videos but also bookmark them. The player also shows places that are often bookmarked by other students. You can include subtitles (more than 10 languages), there are auto-scrolling scripts for video lessons, and a mobile application through which you can download lectures. Start with Udemy.

LinkedIn Learning

  • For busy
  • Quick
  • Good explanations
  • Introduction to programming

There are a lot of professional development courses on this site, one of them is Advance your career with Python. It is aimed at those who are limited in time and want to quickly learn the basics of Python.

For work, its distribution kit Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook are used. The author dwells on all the key components of the language, the lessons are held at a comfortable pace and are well illustrated.

Another plus of the course is that unlike many introductory “express courses”, in each lesson, the lecturer first explains the construction and how it is used, and only then proceeds to write the code. The course ends with a short introduction to object-oriented programming.

In the player, you can turn on subtitles and watch video tutorial scripts. A LinkedIn Learning subscription costs $ 29.99 / month or $ 19.99 / month. If you buy for a year, the first month is free. Begin with LinkedIn.


  • For students studying computer science
  • To improve your Python skills
  • Studying computer science
  • Scripts and subtitles

Coursera is another well-known online platform. There is a good Principles of Computing course (in two parts) to further develop your Python programming skills from Rice University.

The course is part of a set of 7 courses Fundamentals of Computing Specialization to study the basics of computer computing. Lessons last several weeks, each with several video lectures, readings, practice exercises, homework assignments, and quizzes.

The program is led by three CS teachers who write TechRadar, which will help students improve their skills in Python and teach them to think like professionals in this field. The course gives the basics of the principles of computing processes, programming, mathematical principles that you need to know and apply to solve complex problems, as well as write quality code.

A video player with subtitles and scripts is at the disposal of users. While watching lectures, you can make notes, and you can also download them in mp4 format along with scripts and subtitles.

Courses can be taken free of charge, those wishing to receive a certificate will need a subscription, prices for which range from $ 39 to $ 89 per month. Go to Coursera and try.


Now, at the time of the massive introduction of online learning, the active development of courses on different platforms, and the popularization of programming, it is becoming more relevant to spend less time on trips to educational institutions and using auxiliary online platforms for self-study.

In addition, the number of courses for beginners is growing every day, and, accordingly, the entry threshold is decreasing. So, choose an appropriate training platform and take your time to become a professional python developer.