Over the past couple of years, there have been more frequent cases with requests to provide access to the account on UpWork for money. Usually people ask to provide such access as some kind of rent and pay monthly, sometimes they even offer to buy your account.

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In most cases they ask to provide not only access to the account but also to the computer through TeamViewer describing their request as required measure because of UpWork security policy and that any time access can be restricted.

Several days ago I was contacted by such person and he asked about my account on UpWork. I assume that he found me in LinkedIn by search with “upwork” keyword through profiles (as it mentioned in my experience as well). Our dialog disappeared so I can’t provide any screenshots, but he was very importunate when I said that UpWork don’t need access to my account from specific computer but can be used from any place and computer. We ended up saying “Bye” to each other.

First thing here to know is that sharing your account on UpWork or any other freelance platform is against their rules and policies so they can ban you permanently. Another thing is that by providing access to your computer via TeamViewer those potential “buyer” can try to take over your computer and/or install or download something else, run cryptolocker etc so better not to do this.

Best advice here will be to not share any details, don’t provide any kind of access to your computer and stay safe & secure!